Katlynn~ March 5, 2011

Katlynn~ March 5, 2011
I might be bias... but she is beautiful!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Autistic Artistry

So Katlynn has a minor obsession with pencils, pens, markers and most anything you can write or draw with.

With that said, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has become a best friend in my house because Katlynn prefers my walls as an art canvas to using paper or a coloring book. Now, I do want to encourage all the artistry I can, but I also can’t leave a writing utensil within arm’s reach of her if she is not in my sight or this is what happens. It is most of the time that this happens, I am on face book and it takes her no time to run from wall to wall creating her masterpieces.

Moving forward...

So we are changing up the programs for Kaltynn’s ABA right now. She is pretty non-compliant in some areas since she doesn’t want to do the non-preferred tasks, but she is getting there.

I still haven’t signed her IEP yet. However, I have decided I feel Clouds (where Audrie will go) is the best placement for her for now. We shall see what they say. We are going to have to call another IEP.

So my real reason for today’s blog is to give Katlynn bragging rights yet again. She was able to point to and say several shapes such as circle, square, heart, diamond, rectangle, oval and moon (or as we know it crescent). She is doing so well with not only pronouncing words, but using her words more often. We are so very proud of her progress.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

F***ing IEP's

I am allowed to cuss all I want since this my blog.  I am really pissed, emotional and stressed about this whole ordeal. 

I have no clue what is the right decision.  My husband is clueless (sorry dear) and our family is really not much help.  Why does this have to be so hard?

I seriously do not know what to do for Katlynn's preschool. The vision I had in my head has gone to shit. Everytime I think about the school the IEP team recommended I am in tears. That has to be a sign, right? I have toured the place and asked a million questions, but I am still not sure it is the right place for her. I am not trying to make her be a typical child. That is not my goal. I do want her to be in the best and least restrictive environment for her growth and development.

I just wish it was easier and I wish I knew what was the right decision.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

IEP was a BUST... :-(

Well we had Katlynn’s IEP for preschool on Tues. It was very emotional for me and ,in all honesty, it was a very sucky meeting. I think due to the fact I heard what I really didn’t want to hear. The team recommended a more intensive program for Katlynn other than the one I had been counting on for the past 5 months. The same school I was hoping she and Audrie would attend together that takes some mild/moderate special needs kids. Turns out they do not think she will adapt to it just yet and in time she will probably be able to transition to the same school, but for her now is going to have to go to a different one. I thought about fighting it… I still think about fighting it, but I know it is only temporary and I am not trying to cure Katlynn or force her into a setting she is not ready for. After reviewing all the reports I do agree she might not be ready for the inclusion school just yet. I am going to stay on top of the school and follow all her benchmarks and goals and as soon as she has met 85% of them, I am going to call another IEP and request she be given a chance at Clouds (the inclusion school Audrie is going to attend). In the end, my goal is to have her in regular Kindergarten if that is possible.

It is all so overwhelming dealing with IEP’s and special needs kids and I sometimes feel very few of my close friends and family can really relate. With this said, it could be a lot worse. I am thankful I have a loving, bright and affectionate daughter whom I have no doubt has a good bright future ahead of her. It will take a lot of work and encouragement, as well and a lot of intensive therapy, but I truly believe she will get there.

I want to thank everyone who attended the IEP in support of Katlynn and I appreciate everything you have done to help her.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It’s been a while I know, but I am a busy mom and wife and sometimes it’s hard for me to get caught up.

So we went on a mini vacation to Disneyland the 3rd week of March and it was a swell trip. All 3 kids had a blast as always. Disneyland is a wonderful place for kids on the spectrum; at least in my opinion. It is so big, and there is such a variety of things to do, it can please even the most sensory sensitive, tantrum throwing kids. I am so glad we renewed our passes again this year.

On that note… that trip really threw Katlynn off. She went from being my sweet, mellow go with the flow girl to a tantrum throwing, hitting, and non- complaint screaming turd. It was a stressful week. We sure as hell didn’t and don’t miss those aspects of Autism. This week though, she is like the old Katlynn; back to her old pleasurable compliant self. Boy let me tell you what a relief it is. I was really getting worried she was going to do this huge regression and that I had fed her something or had done something to cause it all. Of course I then have to remind myself that autistic kiddos are pretty unpredictable at times and sometimes any little thing can set them off. So we’re all back to one big happy family now.

Katlynn’s IEP is this coming Tues. Not looking forward to it and I think I have already ticked off some of the staff by asking for things and putting my foot down; not letting them walk all over me. I am hoping we get a lot of great goals placed for Katlynn and that this inclusion program I am fighting for is really going to benefit her. Yet another tricky part to autism is, what you might think will work for some kids, doesn’t. I am crossing my fingers that we all come to an agreement easily and get this IEP set.

Here are some random recent pictures of lil' red!

It's pretty obvious we don't do GFCF........yet!

Stiring up batter to bake a cake.  Cooking with the kids is always a HIT.

Halle is an awesome big sister.