Katlynn~ March 5, 2011

Katlynn~ March 5, 2011
I might be bias... but she is beautiful!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Wrapping up 2011

I totally had an epic fail with the 52 week posts about Katlynn and her progress through the year.

There was a lot we had going on and the biggest thing was my husband getting really sick and being sick over the course of about 3-4 months.  It was a complete nightmare.

Anyhow about Christmas.  Katlynn still didn't show all the enthusiasm and hype about Santa, but she did seem very into the Christopher Elf making his visit and stay for 3 weeks moving every night.  Katlynn was almost always the first one to find him with a big smile and joy.

Santa of course brought her tons of horse books, and goodies and she was totally into it.  She enjoyed it this year.

Katlynn had a great year with progress.  She grew so much in ALL areas, but mostly in speech and social. She is like a completely different kid now.  It's been really amazing to watch her blossom into this kid who seems... well,  typical in so many ways.  She talks back,  storms out of the room and tattle tails.  All age appropriate behaviors of typical kids.  She is no longer having 20 minute crying fits and uncontrollable tantrums.  She can now vocalize pretty much anything and every need or want.

She did pick up the whole Sponge habit and repeats a lot of things I would prefer her not to, but I think that's minor in the big scheme of things.

And... Drumroll... She is completely potty trained!!!!!  Even dry 90% of the time at night.  It was a long year with potty training and I think in just the past 6 weeks it just clicked with poop and everything.  It's been amazing and so nice having her just go on her own and not having to take her every hour on the hours.

Sometimes I wonder if her diagnosis will change.  I don't believe autism ever goes away though, I just think if caught early enough in kids like Katlynn the signs and symptoms are less severe and CAN be reversed.

And to think this has all been done with no special treatments, diets, or programs.  I can honestly speak from my experience as her mother and say that Pre-school and the fact I have never treated her any different then I do my other kids or any other kid, has made a difference.  I treat her like she is completely normal, and therefore it really shows.  There have been times, where it's been VERY trying when she was first diagnosed, but I promised myself I would not single her out due to her diagnosis.

Her quick progression has me so much more intrigued by autism and ASD's.  How one kid with the exact same diagnosis as Katlynn can be non-vebal, non social, stems,  has gastro issues,  feeding issues, etc and then you have kids like Katlynn who are at the top of the classic autism diagnosis.

Anyhow, for Katlynn 2011 has been an amazing year and I can only hope 2012 is just as amazing and wonderful.

Katlynn with her friend Allie and twin sister Audrie at Toy Story 3 on Ice.