Katlynn~ March 5, 2011

Katlynn~ March 5, 2011
I might be bias... but she is beautiful!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Because ur not a Smith if there isn't Chaos

So last week Dave and I were on the house hunt again sitting at the PC looking at houses.  Katlynn was running in and out of the house playing with her stick horse when all of the sudden we hard 'SMACK'.  She had slipped and hit the corner of the wall at the baseboard.  Of course because it happens all so often in this house, we were pretty calm.  Then blood started to come and we were still pretty calm, until more blood started to come and then we decided we should probably head to the ER.  Two staples later Katlynn was a total trooper.  Hardly any crying at all.  We shall see how she is next week when she has them removed.

On the way home from the hospital acting perfectly fine.